Soma Inn Café

San Francisco is a mecca for new and interesting contemporary cuisine. But what if you just want a delicious, tasty and comforting meal of your absolute favorite dishes? Maybe you're looking for foods your grandmother used to make -- or food you wish she made! Here at SoMa Inn Cafe we serve delicious, familiar dishes made with care, love and the freshest ingredients possible, so that you can enjoy comfort food and know that you're eating healthy, truly good food, too!

What kind of "comfort food" do we serve? If it's American home cooking, you'll find it on our menu. We offer two sizes of Angus steak, perfectly broiled to retain its succulent juiciness and lip-smacking flavor. Crispy fried chicken, house cured pork loin, grilled salmon and more hearty fare make our entree menu complete. But what would a restaurant be without an array of pasta dishes to choose from? Spaghetti with your choice of marinara, meat or parmesan cheese, tortellini, ravioli, fettuccine alfredo... the list goes on.

More About Us!

If you come for lunch, we have huge selection of burgers and sandwiches. Our burgers are made from freshly ground Niman Ranch Angus beef and come with coleslaw, potato salad or french fries. We specialize in hot sandwiches-- try one of our Cheesesteaks, with steak or pastrami sliced super-thin and served on grilled San Francisco sourdough bread. Ours are the best Cheesesteaks in the Bay Area, and that's not bragging -- it's just a fact!

Of course, breakfast is the most comforting meal of the day, and here at SoMa Inn Cafe we serve a vast array of all the breakfast foods you could possibly want. Eggs and bacon, hot cakes, hash browns, omelets, and almost anything your stomach desires is available here at SoMa. And do you need a shot of caffeine in the form of your favorite hot beverage to wake you up? We have a full espresso bar and can conjure up whatever you need to help you through your day.

You can start and end your day at SoMa Inn Cafe, and we'll always be happy to see you!